Company network of fire safety experts


Clarkson’s recognise the need to manage and minimise the environmental impact of its activities, and believes in the active participation and co-operation of its employees, and subcontractors, in order to prevent pollution arising from our activities and provide protection of the environment.

Clarkson’s review its policies and activities annually to ensure we consistently meet our aims and objectives. Where appropriate Clarkson’s shall meet the relevant legislative and local environmental standards including the requirements of the BS EN ISO 14001:2015.


Clarkson embrace and adapt to continual changes and updates in Legislation, Industry standards, manufacturing and client specifications. This gives us the ability to cope positively with changes.

Customer Excellence

Clarkson pride ourselves on ensuing first class customer service both internally and externally.


Clarkson work with their clients, suppliers, staff, Trade Associations and Network Partners to ensuring communication at all levels so we can offer the most cost effective and up to date legislative solutions to your business.


Clarkson work with Integrity and honesty to ensure we meet customer expectation.


Clarkson employee’s will always take ownership for their actions and decisions regardless of consequence.


Clarkson will always remain respectful and courteous towards our customers and staff at all times.

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