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Clarkson’s recognise the need to manage and minimise the environmental impact of its activities, and believes in the active participation and co-operation of its employees, and subcontractors, in order to prevent pollution arising from our activities and provide protection of the environment.

Clarkson’s review its policies and activities annually to ensure we consistently meet our aims and objectives. Where appropriate Clarkson’s shall meet the relevant legislative and local environmental standards including the requirements of the BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Energy & Water

To use energy and water efficiently.


Minimise waste by the best practicable environmental option by eliminating, reducing, reusing and recycling using licensed operators where appropriate.


Identifying, adopting and promoting good practice to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases,


Reducing the environmental and social impact of vehicles in the selection and maintenance of environmentally efficient vehicles, planning journeys and using good driving techniques.

Environmental Training

Raising awareness; educating and training employees and providing information on environmental policies, practices and issues.


Minimising the negative environmental impact by purchasing products with the least environmental impact.

Environmental Assessment

Minimising the risk of damage and maximising opportunities for improving the environment by assessing our practices for their environmental effects and adopting working practices which have the greatest benefit for sustainable development.

Product Design

Minimising the impact of product and system installation by selection and forward planning

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